The company was established with the mission to help customers in finding the best solution in the development of information and telecommunications technologies and provide a better understanding of the benefits of information technology and telecommunications to support the company's productivity and efficiency.

In carrying out that mission, we emphasize on a comprehensive solution, not the product. The solution should be able to satisfy customers not only because it fits with what they want but also to support the vision of the company so that we can provide the best solution for customer satisfaction in accordance with expectation of customer's vision and mission.

Customer trust is a valuable asset for us. For the integrity and our commitment to customer satisfaction is always our case. Mastery of information technology will continue to improve and develop in order to offer solutions to customers is really a best solution that we can provide.

PT. Ehape Mitra Solusindo will be able to provide a common view in stepping forward to implement an information system that can assist the implementation of the company's operations to support resource productivity and better work.

PT Ehape Mitra Solusindo provides full support on your company information technology needs. We are trying to be the "one stop IT Solution Provider". Here are the list of our services : 

Remote Monitoring & Automation

  • Vessel Monitoring

  • Vehicle Monitoring

  • Caterpillar Monitoring

  • Fuel Distribution Monitoring


  • Sales, Logistics, Production & Distribution System

  • Fleet Management System